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The Themes of Frankenstein
There are many themes in the story Frankenstein. Some of them are abandonment, neglect, and
Throughout the story you find that a man named Frankenstein has the desire to create another human
being. After his creation was over with he says, "I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded
moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and
disgust filled my heart." ( 1) He abandons this creature when it needs him the most.
"Frankenstein's original reasons for creating life from dead parts are noble. He wants to help mankind
conquer death and diseases. But when he reaches the goal of his efforts and sees his creature and its
ugliness, he turns away from it and flees the monstrosity he has created. Mary Shelley seems not to
condemn the act of creation but rather Frankenstein's lack of willingness to accept the responsibility
for his deeds. His creation only becomes a monster at the moment his creator deserts it." (3) To the
creature Frankenstein is his father and when he left him, he felt neglected and abandoned, not
knowing how to take care of himself. So he left not knowing where he would go or how he would
survive. He abandoned his creature as if it were an animal. "Every day, a significant number of people
abandon animals in the world today. They are animals who are not equipped to survive on their own.
On their own, they starve or freeze to death." (2)
"Frankenstein is not willing to fully take the role of the mother of his "child." Immediately after its birth
he leaves his child and thereby evades his parental duty to care for the child." (3) In today's society
people neglect and abandon there children like there nothing. When Frankenstein abandoned his
creature he didn't even think how the creature felt, he just deserted him.
"The Monster appears to be an almost perfect creation (apart from his horrible appearance), who is
often more human than humans themselves. He is benevolent (he saves a little child; he helps the De
Lacey family collecting firewood), intelligent and cultured (he learns to read and talk in a very short
time; he reads Goethe's Werther, Milton's Paradise Lost and Plutarch's works). The only reason why
he fails is his repulsive appearance. After having been rejected and attacked again and again by the
people he runs into only because of his horrible physiognomy, the Monster, alone and left on his own,
develops a deadly hatred against his creator Frankenstein and against all of mankind. Therefore only
society is to blame for the dangerous threat to mankind that the Monster has become. If people had
adopted the Monster into their society instead of being biased against him and mistreating him he
would have become a valuable member of the human society due to his outstanding physical and
intellectual powers."(3) His hatred grew from neglect and abandonment. Every person he came in
contacted with immediately hated him. Nobody could look past his horrified appearance to see what
was inside. His hatred then turned into revenge against his creator. The creature wanted Frankenstein
to feel what he feels.

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The Themes of Frankenstein

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