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Communicative skills are very important in our daily life. Sometimes you can
understand the essence of a man only by gestures. All living beings need to
communicate. Everyone communicates differently. In my future work as a
teacher will try to be polite and very patient with my pupils. I think that team
working with the other colleagues is necessary.
The music has power to unite people. Everybody knows who is Michael Jackson
and Madonna, most of the people likes them. On their concerts you can find
people from all of the world. They can not understand each other, because they
don’t speak one language, but all of them are there because they like the music.
With music you can express all feelings – when you are angry, when you are in
love, when you want to say sorry. For example for me is very difficult to say
someone “ I love you “. I can show my feelings, but I can’t pronounce this
words. Music like method for teaching is very good idea, because it’s not boring
and for studying foreign language is good choice. Children can play some song
and on this way they can study new words.
Sometimes the body language says more about us. The way of shaking hands,
the way of smiling, your look. The body language is an international language.
In my future practice as a teacher, I will use more body language than a music
language. It is very important not only what you say, but also how you say it,
what your body say at that moment. Body language is international language,
but in every country we can find something special- for example , people in
Flanders kiss three times each other. In China when someone eating, and think
that the meal is very delicious start slurping. This thing are different in every
county because of the culture. The body language is very spontaneous,
especially of children.
Musical communication and body language are very important , but they should
be used very carefully. One of the most important thing in your speech is the
intonation. Sometimes the intonation gives different meaning on your speech.
Also sometimes we speak very emotionally , without thinking. But if you speak
monotone people will be bored. We can meet some problems with body
language too. In classes is good way of teaching, for the most of the students it
will be funny, but for the others it will be not comfortable. Another problem can
be cultural misunderstanding. For my culture some gestures are very normal, but
for another culture they will be impolite.
I think that music and body language can make people feel closer and they are
good for relationships between people.
In my future practice as a teacher I will use music and body language. I will not
force students who don’t want to sing or dance. If they sing some song, they can
easier to learn the words in the song. I want to show them that body language is
very important – they should know how to handshake. They should know the
meaning of gestures.

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Communicative skills

It's an essay about communicative skills, and how can I use it in my future work, and what exactly it means for me...
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Communicative skills

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