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HALLOWEEN It commemorated itself in the night between
31 October and 1 november. To bulgarian the holiday is known still
even as all saints.
Holiday birth
That is roman holiday. The age - old celts had celebrated for their
new year - Samhain. In the end of October they had stored their last
harvest. They had considered that in the night game new For a year
the border is opened between the dead and her alive shadows
haunt the land in searching alive bodies, in is inspire, in the past
year to the deceaseds.
To guard the shades people had extinguished the bonfire in the
hearths and had tried to appear that as much as it can more pretty -
heads as well that had worn animal skins, hope that the apparitions
to be frightened. Do I lay to the spirits food, for them to feed Dan as
In english the appellation sounds at the holiday as all Saint is day
or November 1 or all consecrates. The appellation sounds like All
Saint’s Day or Hallowmas or All Hallows. People lengthen mark day
in eve of holiday of all saint, light a fire and fete Samhin and
Pomona day (goddess of threes and fruit). In medieval English call
holiday All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween and call at all until today.
Jack’O Lantern is beingnamed Sacred Jack.He is named of
alcoholic that he had managed to outmaneuver the Satan three
times. Aftertheir last reservation to live a quiet life another ten
years Jack suddenly died. Since he was a sinner can not go to
heaven, but because the deal with the devil can not go in Hell. The
threshold, the Devil gave him charcoal from Hell, which Jack
placed in carved turnips, then left to roam the world in
anticipation of Judgement. When the holiday is moved to
America, turnip was replaced by pumpkin Jack O'Lantern. On
this holiday in the U.S. children are dressed in scary costumes and
go from door to door asking for sweets. If someone refuses to give
sweets, I need to be groomed number of penalty.In Bulgaria, the
Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of All Saints in the early
summer, the first Sunday after Pentecost. And in November is All
Souls' Day Michaelmas - Michaelmas before the Sabbath day is
always on 8 november.

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Halloween or Saint's day

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