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Advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city
or a small town
Living in a big city with no doubt gives you much more opportunities for
development. But what do you think? Do we need to leave our calmness away,
in order to take up a successful career, which tears us out?
At one side it is pretty good to give your children the opportunities they
deserve. It is a lot much easier to succeed if you live in a big city. There are
suitable studying centers, institutions and more work places after graduating.
Living in a big city with a large population you get used to making contacts and
in this way you become more socialized. At teenager’s view it is clear that in a
city is quite much funny than in a small town or village. There are discoes,
cinemas, night clubs, sport centers and so on...
Disadvantages, however, are as much as the advantages. First of all it is very
noisy, everybody is in a rush, hurrying about somewhere. The streets are full of
roaring cars, which are nowadays more than people. We must not forget also
about the plains over our heads. Everyday traffic jams. Are not you fed up with
this? And to sum up the crimes are more in the city than n the small town.
At the other hand living in a small town or village gives you a big chance to
relax, even at your work place. Whatever we talk when we heard the word
“village” we imagine about stillness, clearness, flowers and nice animals. With
some words an idyllic place with nice inhabitants. The air is full of oxygen…
But it is not a secret that in some small towns the bus service is infrequent
and sometimes miss at all. In this way the contact with the world is nearly
interrupted, which is one of the most important things nowadays. It’s difficult
for some inhabitants to reach the amenities they need if they have not a car. And
I think it is not so pleasant to meet one and the same people every day on the
street. The fact that the whole village is like an extended family makes the
situation unbearable. Isn’t it unpleasant to know that your neighbours have a
free access in your home? Because everybody has secrets, which we don’t want
to be given away. Do we need to hide them in our own home, in order not to be
To sum up small towns and villages are better places for living for the old
people. It is safer, with clear air and perfect suits on their points of view. But if
you are young ambitious and full of energy careerist the big city is your place.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city or a small town

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