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In my opinion, today’s children are pushed into the adulthood too early. They face the
real life before they can distinguish good from bad, right from wrong. On the one hand,
teenagers often think that the world starts and ends with them and they ignore their parents
advices. But on the other hand, adults sometimes don’t respect the opinion of the younger
ones. These are the main reasons why there is a generation gap.
Teenagers nowadays stand up for their rights much more than the children fifty years
ago. Now they defend their own opinion and they fight for their freedom. Our parents didn’t
act the same way so they think that we should behave just like them. But the times change.
My mother may be didn’t listen to the same music that I do but that doesn’t mean that my
preferences are worse than hers. It is similar situation with the clothes – people from the elder
generation have dressed up differently but the fashion styles change every day so no one must
expect that the youth will wear the same clothes.
It is true that children in the 21
century have much more freedom. The time we live in
gives all of us the opportunity to choose our outlook; we have the right to select where to
study – in the country or abroad; and we are able to apply for any job we are qualified for. But
there are also some disadvantages of that freedom. Because teenagers are still young children
and they are often not ready to take the responsibility for their own actions. Lately we are
becoming witnesses of more and more incidents with kids – car crashes, street fights, illegal
abortions etc. And they are all caused because the teenagers felt too confident and wanted to
prove everybody that they can do all those things that adults do.
All in all, today’s children don’t have a real childhood without any problems and
worries – they find themselves into an adult world before being prepared for it and if this
tendency goes on , I am afraid that we will see kids who would not have heard of Pippi the
Longstocking or Winnie the Pooh. And we must never forget that the older generation is a
source of useful information for us, the youth.

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Generation gap

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