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Live for today or live for the future
We are very different from one other.We are not the same in our styles of living and
everyone has his/hers own point of view.Friends, parents and vital experience due to our
different characters, which answers the question why some prefer living for the moment, and
others see their lives far away in the future. Both views of life have their positive and
negative sides.
Living for today is a dogma taught by the East religion.Famous monks like Dalai
Lama and philosophers like Fraud showed us how much more we would succeed if all we
thought of is about the present.They tried to teach that happiness was for the moment
itself.All our worries come either from the past or the future.Without them we were free to
think rationally and feel no sadness, because in the present there was nothing to worry about –
it’s just our surroundings.Extreme people usually live that way.They want to feel the moment,
the adrenaline in their body and enjoy the moment fully.They are neither businessmen, nor
politics.They are simply like all others, the only difference is that they have found a way to
escape from the boring routine.
Much more different is the situation with living in the future.It requires planning,
knowledge of what could happen as well as a lot of worries.This kind of living is more
typical of the twenty-first century.We want to be leaders and earn a lot of money and this
means long term goals which are based on consistency and living for the future.For example
if you want to go to a nice college, you should know exactly where, what certificates are
required and have the bright hope that you should have the highest mark and do your
best.This can’t happen if you see only the present and make no plans.Most of us live for the
future, because that’s how the modern man lives.
I personally prefer living for the future.I love making plans, because life becomes
much easier.If you have set your aims, you know what you want to do and just follow the
plan.However, I sometimes like to stop and take a look at everything around me.It makes me
feel alive.I have come to the conclusion that we miss a lot of beautiful moments because we
are always looking only in the future and rarely in the present.
In my opinion we shouldn’t run to extremes.These two kinds of living must me
combined, because if you think only for the present you will never succeed in life, but if you
only make plans you will miss the important moments in your life as well as never enjoy what
you’ve achieved.If we live in a way which unites these two attitudes of life I think we will
find the golden balance and the happiness we are all searching for.

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Live for today or live for the future

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