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4.Sample Essays
Violence has never been a way to teach or change someone. Yet a good many people use this
method to impose discipline on their offspring. Others, who are just too busy working, simply put
up with their kids’ misbehaviour.
When parents give birth to a child, it has been, in most cases, their own decision to have it; therefore, e
it is their obligation to take care of it, to provide it with normal home, education and safe environment.
According to psychologists, 80 percent of children who have either been brought up in a hostile
environment, or have witnessed frequent abuse, grow up physically unstable and are twice as much pliant
to negative influences or willing to commit crimes and even murders. Most of them, when they start a
family, create the same atmosphere and use violence as a way of solving problems.
Still, some children are extremely mischievous – it seems as if nothing could scare them but the rod. If we
come to think of it, nowadays people are much busier working and spend less time with their children. In
order to make up for their absence, they allow their descendants to do what they please, they give them
money to spend on computer games or junk food. But violence is all around us – especially promoted in
computer games. It is the duty of the parents to teach their children to see right from wrong and not beat
them, therefore it is all their fault how their children act.
To sum up – violence is an unfair attitude adopted by careless parents when they haven’t been able to
stimulate the development of a real, worthy personality.
Забележка: въпреки добрите си аргументи и език, на есето му липсва конкретика – пример. Липсват му и 50-60 думи,
които биха се запълнили с пример, да речем от личния опит на кандидата.
Children are pushed into adulthood too early
Today’s children are far away from what we used to call ‘childhood’. Subtly the media,
their parents and the ‘being-modern’’ tendency are putting an end to it and now children face up
to reality of life before they can tell good from bad.
On the one hand, fifty years ago children had their own games and topics to discuss, but
nowadays they are thrust into the adult world from their birth. For example, there used to be many
films especially made for children while now even the animated flicks specifically designed for
kids often have scenes of violence and obscene language. Besides, children’s clothes are made
as copies of those of adults. I can hardly accept that a twelve-year-old girl is dressed up like a
twenty-five-year old woman and even with a stronger make-up. For every part of human life
there’s a right time and we should give children the possibility to have a carefree and cheerful
On the other hand, children find it modern to be capable of speaking about financial
problems, crooked politicians and sexual life even when kids don’t know exactly what those
mean. Every day children watch suicides, trials against fathers who beat their wives, incompetent
politicians and other essential problems of the adult society presented in the media. Furthermore,
sex is no longer a taboo even for the youngsters and more and more teenagers try ‘what it feels
like’ just out of curiosity and without thinking of the consequences. However, all these do not
make children more mature and responsible. Such an attitude simply robs them of the best time
of their lives which should be inhabited by noble knights or adventurous heroes not by serial
killers or dying animals.
All in all, today’s children don’t have a real childhood without any problems and worries –
they are pushed into an adult world before being prepared for it and if this tendency goes on ,
before very long we’ll be coming across weird kids who would not have heard of Pippi the
Longstocking or Winnie the Pooh.
What Can Young People Learn From the Older Generation?
Young people can learn many useful lessons, which have been proved in practice by the
older generation, keeping in mind the words of their elders and betters. New generations can also
borrow from the attitude and values of the ripe aged people.
Basically, young people should never forget that there is nothing which starts with them
and nothing which ends with them. Therefore, they ought to pay due respect to those in advanced
age. Adolescents should also pay attention to the words of the older ones. Doing so, they could
broaden not only their general knowledge but their practical skills as well. For example, a child
could always learn how to nail, how to repair something or how to chose the best water-melon on
the market from his or her grandparents.
Obviously, elderly people were also young once. And even if it seems ages ago, they
could still give valuable tips of advice to the youth, since they have already gone the path from
childhood to maturity. Furthermore, people of advanced age are our living memory. And memory,
even if it cannot be defined is what actually creates mankind. In that respect, we ought to
consider elderly people as guardians of our heritage. History books are less precise concerning
the events which took place in Eastern Europe during and after the World War II than my
grandfather’s juvenile memories. Memories of air battles, in some of which he was a participant,
falling buildings, skies black of bombers, mass graves of soldiers and mass executions of the
enemies of the state. He narrates his stories as vividly as no history book can.
Admittedly, young people should be aware of the fact, that many elderly people are very
conservative on some matters, such as religion, politics, globalization, sexuality. But learning in
depth different views helps the young to create their own outlook of life and stop swimming with
the current. Eventually, one should understand that the truth of today is not necessary better than
the truth of yesterday.
In conclusion, the older generation is a source of useful information and the keeper of our
traditions and values. Young people should be aware of that and not ostracize the elders. As the
saying goes “Bow down to the past and you will see the future in your feet.”
We all long to find our soul mates and spend our life with them. Our daily round is
organized in such a way that we come across and get to know quite a few people but only a
limited number can we call friends. In most cases we and our friends are similar in characters.
Besides, they are the one we can rely on every time we need help or advice.
On the one hand, friendship is a relationship between kin souls. We choose our friends
according to their interests, values and personal traits. “If you don’t know a person, look at his
friends.” That proverb comes to confirm that our friends resemble us. Naturally, we should see
eye to eye with them. Then we could feel comfortable even when there is silence between us or
even the smallest thing can make us burst into laughter. Having the same interests, we will enjoy
the best time together. However, friendship is based, above all, on caring and understanding. As
they say, “a good friend will not wipe your tears but will never make you cry”. The closer you feel
someone, the more necessary tact and understanding become.
On the other hand, those we can call up at four a. m. are our true friends. We can rely on
them for advice, reassurance, and help. We can tell them secrets and be sure they will keep
them. They won’t let us get into trouble and will help us get through if we have already got into. It
is said that if we are to jump off a bridge, friends won’t follow us but will be at the bottom to catch
us. In other words, trials teach us who our real friends are. In addition, there is no place for
hypocrisy and selfishness in friendship – it is based on trust and confidence. Two thousand years
ago Cicero came to the truth we repeat today: “Friendship makes prosperity more shining and
lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.”
All in all, we just can’t live without friends, even if we had all the rest because good
friends are those who share with us our fortune and help us withstand our misfortune.
What makes a good friend?
In my opinion a good friend is someone that is trustworthy. A true friend is a person that
is always willing to help you even if he or she has his/her own problems to cope with. Friends
should also have similar interests to some extent so that they would have something to talk
about. However, the person beside you will always listen to what you have to say even if it is
something ridiculous or way out of his or her interests.
They say that some people get and forget while others give and forgive. The formula for a
true friendship is simple – the support you receive should be equal to the support you give. That’s
why, first of all, a true friend is someone you can always rely on. I have such a friend and I know
that if decide to jump off a bridge, that person will be at the bottom to catch me. I know that she’ll
forgive me for every failing and every failure as I am ready to forgive her everything.
Besides, we all want to have somebody to share with – our happiness or our sorrow, our
success or our failure. A good friend will always listen to what you say and even to what you don’t
say and will never reveal your secrets. He or she will give you a piece of advice when you ask for
it or will remain silent when you just want to be lent an ear to. The American Professor of
Psychology Eugene Kennedy said that “The real test of friendship is: can you literally do nothing
with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple”. And I truly
agree that true friendship comes when even the silence between two people becomes pleasant.
After all I think that there is only one thing that is for certain: "The only way to have a
friend is to be one." And we should forget about things like selfishness, hypocrisy, lies and
everything that may let your friends down. That’s the essence of friendship – to trust and support.
Nowadays, the topical question is not “What does beauty buy?” but “What does beauty
sell?” More and more people start trading with their attractiveness. They use it to affect and
impress the others for definite purposes such as to advertise a product, to gain money or
prestige, to maintain their own sense of superiority. Besides, magnificent appearances can help
attain high position in society.
Firstly, beauty is a mighty weapon in both men’s and women’s hands. The more
attractive, the more convincing we are. As a proof, almost every man has bought something from
a shop merely to impress and make an acquaintance with the pretty shop-assistant. It is no
chance that the advertisements are full of seductive charming men and women who fascinate and
persuade to buy various products. Another example of the power of beauty is the Trojan War
which was waged because of the beautiful Helen. The magic of her appearance brought her pride
and glory as she was so supernaturally gorgeous that many a hero died for her.
Secondly, charming people are often given privileges. They more frequently get better
jobs or better grades, or get away with punishments. For instance, social research shows that
attractive people are preferred for jobs being expected to possess other positive qualities. In
addition, their appearances make a good impression on the clients who are seduced by beauty
itself. A similar situation we have while doing our driving license exam – if wear a short dress, we
are more likely to pass it. Similarly, the fastest way to get rich is using our good looks. To
illustrate, Cleopatra’s exquisiteness bought her marriage to a Roman emperor and enlarged her
power, and expanded her lands. Nowadays, the situation hasn’t changed. We watch on TV and
read in newspapers about young women who have inherited the wealth of their much older
husbands. Regardless of the moral values, they sell their beauty to buy fortune or social position.

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